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Date: December 2019

Client: Ebrik Coffee House 

Description: Ebrik is a local coffee shop and roastery located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The owners, Abbas Arman and Basel Nassri take great pride in their community involvement and prioritize promoting local events. Their main customer base is Georgia State University students and staff. Ebrik wanted to update its brand to better display its rustic and industrial work/study space and also promote its growing community presence.


Logo Development

The word "Ebrik" (ih-breek) is the small, long-handled, copper pot used to make Arabic, Turkish, or Greek coffee. The word itself has been used throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East for centuries to refer to a water ewer or tea kettle. Like coffee, the ebrik symbolizes community, comfort, culture.


Digital Logo Iterations

This was the first concept for Ebrik. The client really liked the coffee bean effect but there was something slightly off about the style of the text. After some more deliberation and understanding of Ebrik beginnings, we both agreed, it lacked the originality and uniqueness that is so important to the atmosphere of the coffee shop.

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Digital Logo Version 2

Alright now we are talking. The owners wanted to have a bit more of a modern feel rather than the traditional saloon-ish style we originally conceived


This font direction was unexpected but proved to show results right away. The clients wanted to maintain a similar sketch-like icon but also decided that they wanted to emphasize the industrial style of their shop.

Once the wordmark was approved (and loved) by the client, I began to re-work the original sketches to incorporate the very core of Ebrik: their amazing coffee and how its made.

Final Logos



Brand Development

With the logos and icons done, the net step was to build out the brand guide. This included the color scheme, typography, imagery, and decorative elements. These items are important to the overall feel of the new brand. Establishing the color palette and mood board is essential in clearly defining the overall vibe of the new brand.



Business Card Development

Sustainability and recycling are somethings Ebrik promotes within their shop. All to-go products are made from recycled papers and all plastics are washed and brought to the local recycling center. In order to continue this environmentally friendly approach, co-owner Abbas Barzegar wanted to use 100% reused paper. The business cards were no exception. The texture of the paper plays into the soft and neutral tones of the brand.  



Branded Merchandise

Every good coffee shop needs some cool merch. A large portion of Ebrik orders is to-go so we needed a solid hot coffee cup design. In the store, they sell branded t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, stickers, and even their hand-roasted coffee beans.



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