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Date: January 2020

Client: Advanced Graphic Design Course at GSU

Description: Under Professor Jason Snape at Georgia State University, I created a semester-long campaign for a fictional brand. The premise of the project was to pick two contrasting words and construct a company based on that concept. The words I chose were solid and liquid.


The concept of a soap brand came to me when I was thinking about what product could be in both a solid and a liquid form. I got a lot of inspiration from companies such as REI, Patagonia, and Highlife magazine. Developing out the complete brand from just a figurative concept was incredibly difficult but fascinating to explore. At the completion of the project, I had created a logo, brand guideline, mailer, magazine advertisements, soap packages, and an animated gif.


Logo Development

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to play off the earth and its elements. With solid and liquid, my first thought was a mountain range and an ocean. From there I developed out what a digital solid and liquid line would look like. I played with shapes and text to complete the design. A lot of my inspiration came from the early 2010s outdoorsy brand catalogs.


Logo Icons


Because this is a highly digital design with little hand drawing, the lines and shapes for decorative art had to mimic the same graphic patterns. The icons for social media were hard to develop but I decided the large "E" with the wave/ mountain cobo.

Final Logos



Brand Development

With the logos and icons done the net step was to build out the brand guide. This included the color scheme, typography, imagery, and decorative elements. The colors are soft and have earthy tones to further promote the organically made soap. Green fro the earth, blue for the water, and darker blue as a neutral.




The goal of the mailer was to save paper, as this is an environmentally conscious soap brand. The envelope of the mailer also serves as the inside content. Each internal flap contains important and relevant information. For the magazine ads, I wanted mostly to focus on the photographic phenomenons of the earth. The mountain range soap includes a beautiful Icelandic mountain and lake (from my 2018 trip to Iceland). The Ocean Current soap focuses on the sunset and calm ocean waves. 


Final Advertisements


ELEMENT Soaps Packaging

ELEMENT was a concept, meaning there was no physical product to sell when I created the brand. The idea of a soap company came to me as I was thinking about what products exist in both a solid and liquid state. I named the products based on the type of soap they were. Liquid hand soap was named after the corresponding liquid: ocean.  The solid bar soap named after the solid: mountain. The sleeve was made to tie the packages together in one cohesive box on a shelf. The windows in the top display the soap through both the individual package and the cover sleeve.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 7.47.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 7.47.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 5.52.12 PM.png

Final Packages 



This gif was created to help advertise the soaps on social media platforms. Gifs are becoming increasingly popular short-form video content and can be used to advertise and increase interest in a product. This gif focuses mostly on the earth elements by showing short clips of a mountain range, ocean waves, and forest. It can be posted anywhere from a website, twitter, and Instagram to a marketing email or an in-store promotional board.


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