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Date: January 2020

Client: Kamey Leon: Berkshire Hathaway

Description: Kamey Leon is a Berkshire Hathaway Home Services real estate agent with more than 20 years of experience. As her business was growing she reached out to me to create a digital brand for her to use for all of her home sale marketing. Berkshire Hathaway offers pre-made templates for social media posts and promotional advertisements but Kamey wanted a more personalized brand to represent her as an individual. We created a new logo, brand guidelines, business cards, digital ads, and a webpage banner ad. Berkshire Hathaway has strict brand requirements for realtors to follow so we had to stay within the guidelines in their handbook.



Logo Development

For most of her career, Kamey's tagline has been "I can. I will. I guarantee it." and "Your Turn Key Agent".​ The key design was something she absolutely knew she wanted to include in her logo. She wanted it to be simple but not very modern, as she leans more towards traditional and vintage aesthetics.


Digital Logo Iterations

A requirement for Berkshire Hathaway was to maintain a color scheme that does not contrast heavily with the existing brand. To do this properly, we decided to maintain the same champagne burgundy that is seen throughout all of Berkshire Hathaway's brand. The idea of her name being the logo was important to her because she, the individual, is the brand. By keeping the font used by Berkshire Hathaway (Georgia) I created a unique "K" that could stand both on its own and with the full name spelled out. 


Final Logos



Brand Development

With the logos and icons done the net step was to build out the brand guide. This included the color scheme, typography, imagery, and decorative elements.

Kamey is a top 2% worldwide agent selling most homes with a price of over half a million. To help emphasize her luxury services but not seem bourgie or snooty, we chose a nice gold foiling that adds some class without feeling pretentious. 



Business Card Development

Business cards are an incredibly important marketing tool in the real estate world. For the most part, real estates are known for having really busy, crowded, and flashy cards. It is essential that the face of the agent is on the card, it helps to visualize whom you are talking to and interesting with the selling or buying of a home. To keep Kamey's business cards as simple and easy to digest as possible, I broke it up into 3 sections.


First, the front with her main logo and gold foiling. The minimalistic gold stripe creates a hint of interest that stands out against the mostly identical business cards within a stack. The front is straightforward and displays exactly what is necessary for someone to want to flip it over and see the other side. 

Part two is the left side of the back containing the headshot and real estate company. One rule of Berkshire Hathaway is that its logo must be larger and more distinguishable than a personal logo. By separating Kamey's personal logo and the Berkshire Hathaway logo on separate sides of the card, it creates enough separation to distinguish as two separate bot coexisting companies.

The last section on the right side contains, a print of the name all relevant contact information and accomplishments. 

Kamey_Leon_cards_mockup 2.png


Listing Stickers

Almost all of the marketing for real estate is done through social media and websites. These digital listing stickers are made to overlay the top of a new home for sale and tell the viewer exactly what they need to know about the post without needing to scroll to read the content.

NEW PRICE Burgandy white.png
COMING SOON clear.png
SOLD gold.png


Google Ads

Kamey decides to purchase geo-location google ads to help promote herself. These are shown when people within a specific location are browsing the internet. They often appear within websites in the form of small boxes or banners. These advertisements were made to be interesting and simple to show exactly what Kamey Leon offers without using a lot of words. 



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