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Date: May 2020

Client: The Lighthouse Behavioral Heath Center

Description: The Lighthouse Behavioral Health Center was started by Jenny Casteel in 2019. Her goal was to make mental healthcare more accessible. The Lighthouse BHC is a telehealth counseling service that is 100% remote. Jenny reached out to me to create a new brand from scratch. She knew she needed a logo, brand resources, stationary materials, and a website to grow her client base and promote her counseling center.


Logo Development

Based on the name "The Lighthouse," Jenny wanted to play off the concept of a beam of light shining onto those who need it. After our initial conversation, we decided to go with an illustrative iconographic logo with a corresponding wordmark that can be detached if necessary.

These were the beginning sketches presented to the client. (by illustrator Adrian Gutierrez)

Digital Logo Iterations

Once we finalized the direction, I developed the selected sketched into a digital platform. After a few conversations, Jenny was happy with the lettering of the logo but didn't like the direction of the highly digital and modern icon design. She wanted a clearly obvious hand-drawn image. I then decided to reevaluate the design from a purely hand-drawn perspective.  

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.23.34
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Digital Logo Version 2

This hand-drawn logo was what especially peaked Jenny's imagination. She loved the cross-hatching style and slightly messy sketch-like feel. However, she said that she wanted more dimension to the logo, a whole picture rather than a single object.

Digital Logo Version 3

After what felt like years we did it! We captured her vision perfectly! The first illustration you see is a hand sketch done by me:  A lighthouse within a physical existing space. The only thing left was to digitize it, incorporate the first lighthouse shown above, and colorize it! 

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 2.55.11 PM.png

Final Logos



Brand Development

With the logos and icons done the net step was to build out the brand guide. This included the color scheme, typography, imagery, and decorative elements.

The fonts used for The Lighthouse Behavioral Center are unique with the calligraphic and rough cursive lettering of Alana Regular. I also used a simple sans serif to contrast the flowing script. Lato has tons of variety and can be used in all caps to provide symmetry and organized hierarchy. The font pairings represent a calming, and down to earth company.

Th eLighthouse BHC Brand Guideline

For the color scheme, a red lighthouse was incredibly important to Jenny. However, red is usually not a color one would want to be associated with mental health or the medical field. To balance out the impeding red, we chose a cool blue and warm yellow. We also decided that a slightly icy white would be more interesting than a traditional pure white. 

Imagery for The Lighthouse BHC had to be focused on people and how they interact with technology. You can't have pointlessly smiling people without having some sort of purpose behind it. 


Business Card Development

I provided two different business card layouts for Jenny to choose from. Ultimatly she chose the horizontal style for her and the other counselors. Each card was made custom for every staff member. I altered text and name alightment to make sure every card looked as consistent and flawless as possible.



Website Design Scope

The Lighthouse BHC website mapping was relatively simple. There were four secondary pages in addition to the home page. The home page consisted of the bulk of the website. It was split into six sections:

1. Feature Image and Welcome

This section includes a main image and a general description of The Lighthouse BHC.

2. Explination of Services

Telehealth is a new type of counciling, so people might have questions. This section includes a breif summary of what Telehealth is and how The Lighthouse BHC uses it to help others.

3. Why Our Company?

Rather than using another chunk of text no one is going to read anyway, this section has little icons that can explain the benefits of telehealth without actually making you read about it.

4. Meet Our Team

Most companies have employees! This section is to help viewers get to know your team and a little bit about each person.  

5. Testimonials

If you provide a service or product you know how important reviews are. This section allows past or present customers to share why they think you are awesome.

6. Footer

A footer basically gives easy access to all the content on your site. It includes the menu and all contact information. The footer usually includes your logo or other design element as well.


Additional Pages

The four additional pages consisted of: insurance accepted by The Lighthouse BHC, mental health links for those who may be searching for more information, a section for people to request an appointment with a counselor, and a traditional contact page with phone numbers and email addresses.