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Who I am

I discovered my love for art and design at a young age. I began work in the art industry by painting custom murals and slowly worked my way into the digital design space. After receiving my bachelor's degree in media studies from Georgia State University in 2020, I decided to pursue a career in small business branding,  advertising, and multimedia design.

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My Mission

I believe that every business, regardless of size, should be provided with the same tools to succeed. While speaking with dozens of individuals about their small business ideas, I realized that there was a handful of shared concerns. They felt as if they didn't have the budgets or resources to design and market their business. Some mentioned looking for inexpensive freelance designers online but felt that there was a disconnect between their vision and dedication. Established design firms produce quality content but have quotes in the tens of thousands and that just isn't always realistic. 

When we work together to grow your business, you have my complete dedication to the project. From the very bringing collaboration and discovery period to the project closeout, I will be working hard to create the best possible custom-tailored brand content. 


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